Ah, Winter. Stuck in our cave, toiling and trying to stay warm. We love Winter. Holidays, family, snow. We just don't like being cold while indoors. We spent December and January making new work for Chickenscratch, redoing our catalog, doing photography, postcards and making stock for retail shows. And the past month has been getting ready for 3 shows and making new(!) One-ofs for said shows.

As though wearing all the hats we do isn't enough (our house is so cold we both actually have "house hats"), we have finally decided to enter the 21st century and have created 2 new websites from scratch, one for 'Scratch and one for L&S Cylinder(One-ofs). This was a large undertaking. And not willing to relinquish control, we did them ourselves, adding more to the mountain of work we already have to move. A very special "THANKS" to Hilary for the nudge, and to Amy, our technical & spiritual Web advisor!!!

So, please, check out our new sites. Enjoy them. Savor them. Send us questions or comments or condolences or whatever you like. But please enjoy them. We feel they are a good source of info about us and our work and have enough content and links to keep one busy for hours.

And in so far as our prior unflappable nature about putting handcrafted items on the web, being that the 2 are mutually exclusive in our humble opinion, well we fought the good fight for as long as we could. We still fervently believe that ONLY in person can handmade objects be truly appreciated, in 3 dimensions. That the web belittles and lies about Craft, craftsmanship and the truth of an object. This is why it has taken us so long to commit to this project of ours. This is why it has been "The Winter of This Content." Until the next time, enjoy our little lies on line.