We began collaborating in 1988, and since then have developed a wonderful exchange and interplay of ideas, concepts, and techniques. Our influences are varied and vast: modern art, scientific phenomena, 20th century artifacts, and film play upon our ideas and how we manifest them into jewelry objects. 

     The common thread throughout our work has been a hunger to explore, utilize, and manipulate a multitude of materials. Often starting with found objects, we reinterpret these objects as materials, removing them from their original context. We are inextricably tied to craft through our overwhelming concern with materials and handwork. 

     Most recently, the deconstruction and reinvention of musical instrument parts is the impetus for our ideas and the forms that they take. With a historical reverence, our goal is to cleverly reinterpret these parts and reintegrate them within our post-modern compositions. We are therefore "transposing" the musical instruments, once an aural tool, into a visual work, much like changing a piece of music from one key to another.